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How much does it cost to foster?
You supply the food, treats, toys, love and shelter, and we provide the vet care and grooming. You will also need a crate, food/water bowls, and a leash, but we can help you with that, if needed!

Can I foster if I already have dogs?
Sure! As part of the application and interview process, we'll ask about your pets and their personalities to make sure that both your furry friends and our rescues will be comfortable together. Be sure to list cats in your application, too!

What if I want to keep the dog?
Although this is called "foster failure", our goal is to place all our pups in a loving home... and if you decide to keep your foster, that is certainly NOT a failure! Sometimes that ONE sneaks into your heart. However, please know that our fosters are asked NOT to go into fostering with the intention of "trying" dogs out to find the one they want.

Are all dogs housebroken already?
Our dogs come from all sorts of situations; owner surrendered dogs are sometimes trained, but more often than not, strays and dogs that were victims of abuse and neglect are not housebroken. However, with a little consistency and patience, all dogs can learn their housebreaking skills!

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Fostering: 1) to promote the growth or development of; further; encourage. 2) to bring up, raise, or rear, as a child. 3) to care for or cherish.

Fostering a dog is taking care of him/her until we can find him/her a loving furever home, which depending on the dog, averages between 2 weeks and 4 weeks.  All of our foster homes do need to be located in the Orlando area, as we pay for all medical care and grooming.  You provide food, shelter and a loving environment.  Most of our dogs come from animal control on their "last day" so your home literally allows us to save another.  If for any reason the dog isn't "working" in your home or you have a dog you can no longer foster, we simply move the dog to another foster family.  You can foster as much or as little as you like.   As the foster family you can be involved as much or as little as you like in determining the best adopter for your dog.  We screen our applicants thoroughly but the foster family is consulted on potential adopters for their dog, meets the potential adopters and decides whether or not the family is a good match for their dog. 

Ready to apply? Live in the Orlando area? (all of our foster homes are located in the Orlando area) Click the button and fill out our application! Remember to put "foster" somewhere in the comments! THANK YOU for opening your heart to a rescue dog as a FOSTER!

 Ask A Foster!
Have a question about fostering? Ask one of our very own fosters! Your question/answer may be featured on this page!
I'm not sure I could give up a dog that had been in my home as a foster. How do you do it? Is it hard?
While I definitely get attached to the foster dogs I bring into my home, I also go into it knowing that my purpose is to give them love and help them get prepared for life with their furever family. I'd rather take in a foster dog, knowing I am helping save his/her life by doing so, and cry when they leave me for a good family that will love him/her forever, than not foster and wonder if that dog would have survived death row at a shelter. It's an emotional sacrifice for the sake of giving a dog a second chance at happiness and love.

Do you pick your foster dog? If so, how do you decide what dog is the best fit?
Yes, you can pick your foster dogs. We see a list of dogs recently rescued from the shelter with information like age, heart worm status, breed, weight and gender, and pick from there. You can pick based on breed, if that's important to you, or in my case, by size and gender so I know they are most likely to be compatible with my 2 furry kids at home. It takes time to figure out what will work for you, and the FLDR staff is great at helping match you up if you ask!

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    Please note, we are not a shelter. We do not have a kennel or facility that you can visit and see all the dogs. Each dog is fostered in an individual home. We do rescue out of our private homes and in our spare time. So, you cannot come visit our dogs until you have gone through the application and interview process and we have contacted you about scheduling a visit.  We do not have set "hours" and we answer all calls and emails as quickly as we can!
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