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Before and After

Kudos For Kiwi!

Congrats Champ!

Sensational Day For Sheila!

Cheers For Chloe!

Jumping for Joy For Julie!

Many Happy Days Ahead For Mitch!

All Smiles For Artie!

Paws Up For Pipo!

Lucille's Lucky Day!

Mia's Magical Day!

Cheers For Carley!

Amazing Day For Andy!

Great New Life for Gizmo!

Phenomenal Day For Peter!

Best Wishes For Bear!

Mollie Mae's Magnificent Day!

Hooray For Holly!

Marvelous Day For Minnie!

True Love For Toti!

Annie's Amazing New Family!

Lots Of Love From Luna's New Fur Sister!

Hooray For Hershey!

Spectacular Days Ahead For Sofie

Lots Of Love For Leo!

Red Is Rejoicing Over His New Family!

All Paws Up For Angel's New Family!

Elated For Emmie!

Thumbs Up For Tiki!

Total Love For Tucker!

Cuddles For Chloe!

Party Time For Pebbles!

Lots of Love for Lillibet!

Joyous Day For Jaxen!

Blue's Best Day!

Lucy and Maggie's Magnificent Day!

Ollie Is Off To His Forever Home!

Sam's Luckiest Day!

Super News For Snoopy!

Joyful Day For Jayce!

Wonderful News For Webber!

Lucy's Lucky Day!

A Perfect Day For Paige!

Cuddle Time For Cola!

Berkley's New Best Friends!

Marvelous Day For Moto!

Finley's Furever Family!

Milo's Magnificent Day!

Super News For Sebastian!

Bella and Ted's Best Day Ever!

Kudos To Koda For Her New Family!

Bellarina Is Beaming With Joy With Her New Family!

Only Great Days Ahead for Oscar!

Happy Is Home For The Holidays!

Best Day for Itty Bitty and Lil Bit!

Fefita Has Found Her Furever Home!

Darla Is Delighted To Have 4 New Humans And A 4 Legged FLDR Alum!

Many Happy Days for Molly!

Lucky I Loving His New Humans and His FLDR Alum Lou!

Today Is Tootsie's Best Day!

A Perfect Day For Patches!

Izzy Is In Love With Her New Family!

Jumpin' For Joy For Jack!

Outstanding Day For Oscar!

Cheers for Coco!

Our Deserving Duo Hit The Lottery With their New Mama!

Cosmo's Cool New Family!

An Amazing New Life Full of Love for Angel!

Wishing Wallaby A Wonderful Life!

Cheers for Chantelle!

Atlas's Awesome New Fur-sister!

Ruby Is Ready To Start Her Best Life!

Brownie's Best Day Ever!

Many Happy Days Ahead for Milo!

Moe's Magical Day!

Sissy's Special Day!

A Perfect Day for Pickles!

Best Friends for Buttercup and Lilly!

Chirpy's Chugging Along To His Forever Home!

Ziggy's Happily Ever After!

Elroy's Excellent Day!
His new name is Rocky!

Dynamite Day for Diablo!

Celebration Day for Chubba!

Cheers for Caramel!

Starlet's Special Day!
Her new name is Pineenah!

A Beautiful Beginning for Bandita!

Exciting Day for Ebony!

Big Shout Out for Boomer!

Minnie Meets Her New Family!

Oliver's Outstanding Day!
Oliver has a fur-sister, Bijou!

Many Happy Days Ahead for Makenna!

Magnificent Day for Missy!

All Good Things Ahead for Aiden!

Big Day for Little Bertha!

Thumbs Up for Tyler!

Magnificent Day for Malone!

Blossom's Best Day Ever!

Plenty of Happy Days Ahead for Petunia!

All Smiles for Scout!

One Perfect Day for Octavio!

Spot's Spectacular Day!

Rexford is Ready to Start His New Adventure!

Miracle's Marvelous Day!

Willie's Wonderful New Family!

Nick's New Family

Drogo's Dreams Came True!
His fur-sister is an FLDR alum!

Razzle's Happily Ever After!

Dory's Deliriously Happy Day!

Super Day for Skittles!

Poppy's Perfect Day!

So Much Love for Marigold!

Harvey's Happy Day!

Marvelous Day for Mouse!

Fabulous Day for Fancy!

Magnificent Day for Micah!

Hurray for Herman!

A Sensational Day for Scruffy!

Cheers for Cardinal!
He has two FLDR alums- a sister and brother.

Jimmy's Jumping for Joy!

Buddy's New BFF's!

Patrick's Perfect Day!

Griffin's Greatest Day!

Smokey's Spectacular Day!

Oscar's Found His Forever Family!

Lucky's...well, LUCKY Day!
His new name is Seamus!

Cooper Couldn't Have Picked A More Perfect Family!

Damien's Doggone Lucky Day!
His new name is Winston!

Briann's Best Day Ever!

An Awesome Family For Annabel!

Kira's Happily Ever After!

Kira was adopted by Stephanie, one of our FLDR volunteers, who tragically lost one of her pups recently. Her new name is Ellie and she has truly healed Stephanie's broken heart and brought so much joy to her new family! She has a new          fur-brother, Cooper and a fur-sister, Gracie!

Apollo's Amazing New Family!

Precious Perry Is Home!

Everyone's Elated for Elvis!

Mickey Meets His New Family!


Lady's Lucky Day!

Kiki's Kool Family!

Wonderful News For Winston!

Juniper Just Couldn't Be Happier!

Perfect Happily Ever After For Petals!

Great News For Gigi!

Brayleigh's BEST Day Ever!
Her new name is Sasha!

Snoopy Snagged His Furever Home!

Cheers for Chico!

Diamond's Future is Bright!
Diamond's new name is Isabella!

Princeton's Perfect Day!

Candela's Cool New Family!

Dory's Definitely Gonna Have A Great Life Now!

DJ's Doggone Best Day!


Gsrrett's Good News!
He has a forever family!

Jeffer's Brand New Family!
His new name is Cosmo!

Griffin's Greatest Day Ever!
Griffin has a new fur sister named Molly!

Jewel's Just So Happy!
Jewel's new name is Tikka!
Jewel has a fur brother named Ruger!

Katie's Kool Family!
Her new name is Abby and she has a furbrother named Charlie!

Princess's Royal New Family!
Her new name is Porsche and her fur brother is Bentley!

Tico's Terrific Family!

Ming's Magnificent Family!

Honey's Happy Day!

Godiva's Great Day!
Her new name is Abby and she has a fur brother, Bodie!

Jessi's Just So Happy!
Her new name is Lucy!

Whiskers Wonderful Day!

Muffy's Marvelous Family!

Duffy's Doggone Amazing Day!

Prince's Royal Day!

Morgan's Magnificent Day!

Ike's Irrestible Family!

Remy's REALLY Happy!

Mako Meets His New Family!

Champ Chooses An Amazing Family!

Priscilla's Perfect Family!
Priscilla, whose new name is Missy and her new sister, an FLDR alum formerly known as Raff, whose name is Holly.

Ricky's Really Happy!
Dodger, formerly Ricky, with his new brother Oliver!

Jasper Just Couldn't Be Happier!

Otis Is Over The Moon Happy!
He has a new roommate named Rocky!

Raza Is Rescued!
His new name is Max and he's sporting a new haircut!

One Big HAPPY Family!
Timmons and Alvin have a new fur brother, Dodger (in the middle)

Peanut's Prayers Have Been Answered!

Reyna Feels Reborn!

Julian's Just So Happy!
Julian's new name is Boomer!

Wiley's Wonderful Day!

Henry James's Happiest Day Ever!
Here's Henry James, now known as Keto, with his fur sister Grace and Kayla!

Roscoe's REALLY Happy Day!
Roscoe has a new little brother, Billy!

Jorge is Happy Happy HAPPY!
His new name is Lucas!

Kinley's Cool Day!
Kinley's new name is Missy...and she has a fur sister named Nala!

McGuffin's Momentous Day!

Snowden's Special Family!
Snowden has a new name...Cooper! And a new furbrother, Bentley!

Banksy's Best Day Ever!
Banksy has a new fur sister named Candy!

Holly's Happiest Day!

DJ's Doggone Best Day!
With his new fur sibling, Ziggy!

MJ's Marvelous Mom!

Dottie's Best Doggone Day!
Her new name is Petulia! And she has a fur-brother named Ming!

Benny's Best Day Ever!
His new name is Benji!

Puddles Perfect Family!
His new family had already adopted his sister, Sunshine so it's a family reunion!

Patta's Perfect Family!
Her new name is Phoebe!

Midnight's Magnificent Family!

Wilton's Wonderful Family!
Wilton (his new name is Milton! With his furfrother, Theodore (an FLDR alum now named Roscoe) on the left and Franklin, on the right!

Hooper's Happy Home!
His new name is Bailey and he has a fur-sibling named Oliver!

Bethy's Best Day Ever!
Her new name is Bailey!

Ajay's Amazing Day!

Dimitry's Divine New Family!

Redd's Reaally Awesome Family!

Trooper's Terrific New Family!
His new name is Teddy!

Petey's Perfect Day!
His new name is Tug!

Tazz's Terrific Family!
His new name is Doogie Hauzer II!

Archer's Awesome New Family!

Camilla Couldn't Be Happier!
Camilla with her new sister, Emily and new fur sister, Bella

Barclay's Best Day Ever!
His new name is Duncan and he has a brother named Starbucks!

Franklin's Fantastic New Family!
His new name is Frankie!

Mr. Wendall's Wonderful New Family!

Cody's CRAZY About His New Family!


Walker's Wonderful Family!
He has new fur siblings! Paco, Tater and Wabbit!

Carter's Cool New Family!

Delilah's Delightful Family!
Her new name is Lyla!

Jodie's Best Day Ever!
Kaitlyn’s birthday present, who left Disney on Ice at intermission to get home to her new pup!

Flint's Fabulous Family!

Domino Wins!
His new name is Flynn!

Dash's Delightful Family!
Dash has a new sister, Lucy!

Polaris's Perfect Day!
Her new name is Bailey!

Kepler's Best Day Ever!

Obie's Awesome Day!
His new name is Cody!

Owen's Outstanding Family!
Owen's new name is Chewy!

Bogey's Forever Family!

Raja Goes Home!
Her new name is Panda!

Boudreaux's Best Day Ever!

 Storm's Super New Mom!
His new name is Chance!

Tank's Terrific Family!
Tank has a new furbrother, Astro!  He was also adopted from FLDR!

Oliver's Forever Family!

Bradshaw's Best Day Ever!
My new name is Cooper and I have a fursister, Bindi!

Drogo Goes Home!

Jazzy Just Loves Her New Life!

Sandy's Super New Family!
Her new name is Cindy!

Mark's Marvelous New Life!
He has a new sister, Mackenzie!

Henry's Happiest Day Ever!
His new name is Einstein!

Monty's Magnificent Family!

Maxt's Marvelous Day!

Ellen's Excellent New Family!

Splenda's SPLENDID Day!
Her new name is Mandy!

Butler's New Beginning!
Butler has a new fursister, Lola!

Terrence's Terrific Family!
His new name is Chewy!

Freya's Best Day Ever!


Egon's Exceptional Day!

Ti's Terrific Family!

Bliss's Best Day Ever!
Her new name is Bree!

Astro's Amazing New Family!

Moishe's Magical Day!

Russell's Really Great Day!
His new name is Jack!

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