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Well hello my friends, Jackson here! I realize it has been a hot minute since I have taken over the page, but I'm back!! Did you miss me?? I've missed all of you:) I also missed our annual Cincos on Cinco de Mayo party around here, but we all needed a bit to process the loss of our dear friend Faith. Faith's mommy and daddy were very clear with me though that they wanted to honor her life, and all the pups she inspired people to save, and continue that legacy, so, in traditional fiesta fashion, we are just starting the party a little late. Welcome to our $5FriYayFiestaforFaith!!

To say this past year has been a *bit* rough around here is a *bit* of an understatement, and all the FLDR humans have been working extra hard to save lots of pups, but they need help. And let me be honest here, they hate, hate, hate asking for donations and funds, especially when there is so much else going on in the world and so many who need help, so they try really hard to just go along without asking, but sometimes, they just can't anymore. So it's time to call in the "Muscle"....ME! Intake has had to be closed for a bit off and on, but we NEED to get back to saving more lives!!! In the last two weeks over 15 pups have come into rescue with FLDR, most of them in need of major medical care, many of them being senior, or super senior puppers. SO, please consider joining me in today's $5FriYayFiestaforFaith! That's right - I am back with my fantastic $5FriYay, where I ask you to by pass the frosty Starbucks beverage, just for today!, and help out the pups! In exchange, I put your name on a ticket, and then tomorrow night we do a fun FB live we draw some winners for some cool prizes! For every donation above $5, I just put your name on more, and more, and more tickets like 3 for $10, 10 for $25 and so on! Then I lick them all (for security purposes of course) and toss them in the treat jar and with the help of a human around here, we draw them out for prizes! This time I have scavenged up some great stuff like gift cards, some blingy jewelry, stuff for pups (and as soon as I can snag the camera I will take pics and post the prizes later today!) Plus, while all the humans around here are out today or still away at college, who knows what else I can scrounge up!!! So, please, please lend a helping paw and help save more lives!!! Donations can be made via the links right here on our website and every donation helps more pups get out of the shelters and into foster homes!! I just know together we can do this!!! Finally, please also visit our social media pages to like, share, react - it helps you continue to see our posts, and for others to see them too!! xoxo, Jackson

 Want to Shop AND Help the Pups?

Check out our Amazon Smile Wishlist, which lets you send much needed products right to our pups and foster parents, plus a percentage of your purchases on Amazon are also donated to FLDR when you choose us as your charity of choice!

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Red, a Chihuahua mix
Hi! I’m Red! I wanted to introduce myself to y’all. I am 14yrs old, and I weigh just about 5 pounds. I came into rescue when my previous family could no longer care for me. I need to tell you a "secret"...well, its not really a secret, but I have no teeth (I will provide you with lots of great opportunities to take photos for Tongue out Tuesday!). I am skinny although my foster mom feeds me 3-4x a day I have not gained much weight (don’t be jealous!). I could probably stand to gain at least another pound or two. I’m super picky when it comes to my food. Some days I prefer wet food and some days I like dry food as long as it’s tiny pieces, but let me honest....most days I would prefer you boil me some chicken and rice.  When you are in the kitchen cooking yourself something I will be right there watching your every move and making sure you know I am there by giving a few high pitched screeches.  I am a super sweet boy. I love to get back scratches and belly rubs!  I like to be held and cuddled as well.  Need to get stuff done around the house but I won’t let you put me down? No problem, just put on a sling, put me in it so you can be hands free and I can still be by your side. I will sit in there as long as you let me be with you.  If I’m not next to you, you will often find me sleeping under the nearest blanket. At night I sleep in my pet bed underneath my blanket in my foster mom's bedroom.  My foster mom says I’m a really good listener when being corrected about my not so good behavior. Yes, sigh, I have a few flaws.... I umm like to mark things sometimes. I want all the doggies in the house to know that I’m here. Speaking of other dogs....I like them however I will not share my food with them and need to be fed separately.  I will sometimes growl if they enter my personal space. If I had a choice I would prefer to be the one and only pup in the home. I would love a home where my humans are home and have lots of love and time for me.  We can explore the yard together or go for short leash walks.  If you think we are a perfect match please fill out the application so we can start our journey together! Red is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative and microchipped. He is fostered in the Orlando area and his adoption donation is $150.
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Jaxen has found his forever home!
 Faith Gave Us Faith

June 6, 2011: Early that morning I received a call from Samantha, one of the rescue coordinators at animal services, telling me "please check your email ASAP". Calls like that are usually never good and assure me 145% that my day is about to be turned upside down. I logged in to my email and saw one from her "Sweet Shih Tzu Puppy", with files attached. First thought was "hmm, this doesn't seem bad" with a feeling of relief as I waited for the email to open. It opened, and that relief turned to shock, then sadness, and as the tears rolled down my face as I frantically got dressed. I called Sam on the way out the door, then our vet, who graciously cleared his morning to get our newest pup seen right away. That pup was Faith. Faith was found tossed over the fence of animal services in her carrier, in the Florida heat, after the shelter had closed. She was matted so badly you could barely tell that she was a dog, heartworm positive, with a shattered pelvis and a shattered rear leg that was causing her tremendous pain. She had to be sedated just to have her face shaved down so animal services could try and evaluate her. Faith was barely a year old, if that, she still had some of her baby teeth retained. FLDR was still a tiny rescue, new, Facebook was still new for us, and "Saving Faith" required just about every resource, and pretty much every volunteer in our rescue. Fluids, meds, a leg amputation, teaching her how to walk (because she literally didn't know how because the matts had bound her so badly), slowly adding weight to her, heartworm treatment - everyone stepped up and took shifts the first few weeks, and through it all, Faith gave US faith. She immediately trusted all of us, gave us kisses, snuggled up, and her faith in us never wavered. Many of you followed her progress, came to our events to meet her and give her some cuddles (she truly did love everyone). After almost a year of rehab, treatments and recovery, Faith was finally cleared "as healthy as she will be" and ready for a true home of her own. Beth and David, fosters and volunteers with FLDR, had been instrumental in Faith's care from the beginning. They fell in love with her, especially Beth, but as much as they loved her, when approached with the possibility of adopting her (all the rest of us already knew in our gut that they were supposed to be Faith's family) they initially hesitated - citing concerns they they weren't good enough for her, worried that they would somehow "let her down" or "miss something" in her care. We, and Faith, had more faith in them than they had in theirselves. After speaking with her vets, and lots of thoughtful consideration, Beth and David welcomed Faith into their family, officially. Faith had a new brother, Bennett, one of FLDR's puppy mill rescues, and would go on to welcome Thor, another FLDR medically fragile pup, into their pack. Over the last nine years, Faith has been loved, cherished, treated like the princess she deserved to be, and barely spent any time away from her humans. She's vacationed, attended family celebrations, celebrated the wedding of Beth and David's daughter, and welcomed three grandchildren with them. If Faith had a theme song, we truly believe it would be "Don't Stop Me Now", as she was always having a good time, and never really slowed down. Until this past week. Faith's medical issues started to catch up to her, and despite all of Beth and David's best efforts and top notch medical care, Faith was finally tired, and let them know it was time. To say this has been devastating is an understatement. Faith was so loved, by so many, and she loved everyone back fiercely (attacks with kisses were a real thing!). We can not offer Beth and David enough gratitude, thanks, appreciation, hugs and love for loving Faith so so much, giving her the best life, and still sharing her with all of us. While for the last nine years she has been an official part of Beth and David's family, they always made sure to let us know she was still "ours" too, and our collective hearts are broken, as last night Faith crossed the Rainbow Bridge, while being held in the loving arms of her humans. As I am typing this, the tears are still flowing. We are all going to work really hard to focus on the many, many good years that Faith knew she was loved and cherished, while we grieve the fact that it still seems too short. Somehow, rescue can shatter your heart yet put it back together all at once, its hard to properly articulate the feeling in words, but this is as close as I can get at the moment. I sincerely hope that Carol was there to greet her at the bridge, and give her so much love and let her know "job well done" for rescuing so many humans and giving us all Faith.

Thank you Faith, for all the love, and all the faith. (Laurie)


FLDR wants to save as many puppers as we possibly can and the only way to do this is by YOU joining our team!! We need fosters!! If you live in the Orlando area and would like to help save lives, we want you to join our pack! We are in need of foster homes willing to open their hearts and make a space on the couch for a rescued pup, usually just for a couple of weeks! We take care of the vetting, grooming, medications and you provide the love and snuggles! Please complete the "Adoption Application" and just put in the comments - "Want to Foster" and a Foster Coordinator will reach out to you right away!  

We are also in need of people willing to do transports, usually from Winter Haven to St. Cloud or from north Orlando to St. Cloud a couple of times a month, during a weekday. Please email for more info on helping with Freedom Rides!

Welcome to Florida Little Dog Rescue Group!

Florida Little Dog Rescue rehabilitates unwanted, abused and abandoned little dogs and places them in loving and responsible homes to live out their lives as cherished family members.  We would love for you to join us by adopting a dog, volunteering as a foster home or donating money to help save the dogs.  We are a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization, and all donations to FLDRG are tax deductible!

Save a Dog on Death Row!
They need YOUR help right now!!

Please help us save dogs on Death Row at local Animal Controls. These are dogs that can't be adopted out directly from Animal Control, mainly for medical reasons. When they can't be adopted, they need a rescue to save them when their time runs out.  These pups desperately need our help, we are their last hope!

Click the Picture to Save One More!

 Florida Little Dog Rescue Group rescues dogs from all over the state of Florida, but our main focus is the Central Florida area.  Our volunteers live anywhere from Tallahassee to Tampa, but all of our dogs are fostered in the Orlando area.  We are 100% volunteer-based, which means no overhead or salary costs.  Your donation is used directly for dog care. We do not receive government funds. We are entirely supported by charitable donations.

We ensure that each dog is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for heartworms and other parasites, examined by a vet and treated for any known conditions prior to adoption.  All known medical information is fully disclosed to new families.  While awaiting adoption, the dogs live in foster homes that provide love, patience and TLC to the pups! A pup's stay in foster care could vary from several days to several weeks, depending upon the dog's conditions and needs.  Unlike shelter or kennel living, fostering the pups in a home environment allows us to personally evaluate each dog for behavior and temperament issues.  We are able to see how they interact and react to other animals and children, if they are house trained, like to go for walks, play ball, etc. and that makes it easier to know what type of home/family would be best suited for them!

Please note, we are not a shelter. We do not have a kennel or facility that you can visit and see all the dogs. Each dog is fostered in an individual home. We do rescue out of our private homes and in our spare time. So, you cannot come visit our dogs until you have gone through the application and interview process and we have contacted you about scheduling a visit.  We do not have set "hours" and we answer all calls and emails as quickly as we can!

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    Florida Little Dog Rescue Group

    A 501(c)3 Charitable Organization

    Serving the Central Florida Area

    PO Box 702364
    St. Cloud, FL 34770
    Phone: 407-279-1127
    Please note, we are not a shelter. We do not have a kennel or facility that you can visit and see all the dogs. Each dog is fostered in an individual home. We do rescue out of our private homes and in our spare time. So, you cannot come visit our dogs until you have gone through the application and interview process and we have contacted you about scheduling a visit.  We do not have set "hours" and we answer all calls and emails as quickly as we can!
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