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Dixie, ADOPTED!!
Meet Dixie! Dixie is a 5-6 year old female Cocker/Dachshund/Terrier/something adorable mix, and she weighs about 20 pounds. She arrived in rescue from a hoarding situation and has been settling into foster care, and learning how to "dog". Please know Dixie is NOT HYPOALLERGENIC, she does shed. She will also need a home with another dog and a fenced yard - these are not negotiable. Her foster mom says, "Dixie came to us from a hoarding case that had 134+ dogs. These dogs had never been outside and had never been around people besides their owners.  Dixie shows the effects of emotional trauma and is considered special needs. She scares easily and is terrified of new people.  When someone comes into our home, she will dart upstairs to our bedroom which she has deemed her safe space and she will stay there until the "strangers" leave.  Because of this a quiet, low key home with no children would be best for her.  The environment she came from was filthy and the dogs just did their business wherever they liked so she was not housetrained when she came to us.  She has learned and nearly mastered going potty outside, however if she is unable to get outside when she needs to go she will find somewhere inside to go. Just recently she has been willing to go on walks outside but she isn't quite comfortable yet so a securely fenced in yard is a MUST.  It may be a while before she is willing to allow someone new to put a harness on her and take her for a walk.
NOW...IF you are still reading after all that "bad stuff" and your heart is hurting for this poor sweet girl let me tell you just how wonderful she really is, with patience, love and TIME.  
When you get to see her happy and excited, it is just the best feeling in the world.  She didn't ask to be in the world she was rescued from and she definitely didn't deserve to spend the first part of her life the way she did.  Now she needs just the right person to show her how awesome it is to be a pampered pooch!  She is a very loving and affectionate pup once she is comfortable and bonded, she just wants to be by your side at all times and will follow you anywhere!  It may take Dixie MONTHS to get comfortable and bond with someone new so PLEASE think this through.  She needs someone willing, patient and kind to help her transition.  She loves belly rubs and treats!!!  She can get a little excited and anxious for her treats, a gentle yet stern reminder of "EASY" prior to handing her a treat usually does the trick.  She is comfortable in our backyard but is still terrified of the big scary outdoors.  For the most part she is a very quiet and unobtrusive pup, she really only gets excited and barks when we come home from somewhere!  She gets along with other dogs but is not dependent on other dogs for anything other than general security of not being "alone".  She doesn't really play with toys or the other dogs often, she is learning how to play with the other pups and her foster humans.  It's really cute to watch her as she learns how to play like a happy pup.  Although she wants you close by she is not a big lap dog.  She prefers to lay at your feet or on furniture near you, not on you. Dixie may never fully overcome some of her fears so please consider and weigh your lifestyle and her needs with careful consideration." Dixie is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned!  She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $250.

Meet Reuben, aka the Boss or as his foster mom says, "Tiny but terrible, in an adorable kind of way. You must do what he says!!!" Reuben is a 6 year old, 6 pound Pekingese/Pomeranian mix and 100% adorable. This tiny and cute guy came to us when his family could no longer take care of him.  He is a fluffy toy dog who will need regular grooming and is NOT IN ANY WAY hypoallergenic or allergy friendly. He sheds! Reuben is a nice and happy boy with lots of personality and a few definite opinions. He is not barky but will vocalize to let you know if you are meeting his approval or not and can be quite loud in his watchdog mode, so that being said, no shared walls please. He has definite ideas about when and how you might pet him – ranging from a demand to a purr to a growl – but is not at all aggressive. He will claim an available lap and sit there as long as you let him. Reuben is housetrained while out and about but uses a potty pad when confined in his x-pen. We give frequent outdoor opportunities and he takes advantage of all of them! He sleeps in our bedroom in an open crate inside an x-pen for his own safety. 
He would love to sleep in your bed, I’m sure. Reuben is a picky eater and is most fond of steak and hamburger apparently! Moving him to dog food is a challenge and the people not winning, but we are getting there, as human food is simply not a daily option. On his “likes” list are gentle people, other small dogs and exploring the backyard with you.  On his naughty list are cats! and delivery people who knock at the door. We have two cats (twice his size) who think it is a joke for Reuben to chase them, but yours might not like it. Reuben is nice to most people but likes to have his own favored human to depend on, a one-person dog more than a general family one. Children under twelve are not recommended due to Reuben’s tiny size and an enclosed outdoor space is a must, even if it is a wire x-pen just outside your back door." Reuben is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned. He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $300.

Oscar, a Pomeranian
Meet Oscar!  Oscar is an 11-ish year old Pomeranian and he weighs about 12 pounds. He came to us from a very bad puppy mill and has taken quite a bit of time and patience to learn how to dog. He is ready to continue his journey with a family to call his own, forever this time. His foster mom says, "First and foremost Oscar is a man's dog.  He must have a dad in the household as his primary person.  He is a loving and deserving pup that is wonderful and quirky in his own special way.  He came to us after being rescued from a HSUS "Horrible Hundred" dog hoarding/puppy mill case in Georgia.  He was one of 700+ dogs who had spent their lives in cages, filth, isolation, hunger and worse. This has scarred him and his adjustment has been difficult and is still incomplete.  When he was rescued he was terrified and very unsocial.  At the end of the rescue day when all the other organizations had left with the dogs they thought they could help, Oscar was still there, the last one, in his crate, with no hope.  Well, we couldn't just leave him there!!!!  It has been a long road but Oscar has learned about kindness and love and we know enough about him to articulate his needs.  He LOVES men but is suspicious and uncomfortable with women.  His foster dad works from home and Oscar hangs out and naps in the office with his dad all day.  Oscar happily follows him downstairs for break time and lunchtime and will hang out with everyone in the evenings.  
He is quick to learn routines such as walk times and treat time.  He is an adventurer and loves to go for a stroll.  He is great on a harness and leash and has good leash manners.  Oscar is housetrained for the most part but he will still occasionally territorially mark, we use belly bands if he is free to roam in the house.  At first he had a few of what we think were mild and possibly stress related seizures.  He is on minimal medication (which should be continued) for this and he has been seizure free for months.  He has had extensive dental extractions, but you would never know it by his looks or eating enthusiasm.  We anticipate Oscar will need an organized decompression/introduction period in his new home and his adopter should be up to this, so PLEASE think this through.  A dog companion would be a plus for him, and so would a fenced yard as it might take an adjustment period for his new adopter to harness him quickly enough for an emergency leash walk.  He plays with toys and fur friends, he is very dog social, and is okay with cats.  Once comfortable he will always greet you with a smile and a happy dance.  He really is the coolest dude with such a fun personality, it just takes him some time to trust.  He is generally a very quiet and mild mannered pup, sometimes you can forget he's even there, but he can startle easily so be patient!" Oscar is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative and microchipped.  He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $150.

Meet Happy! Happy is a 5 year old male Poodle mix and he weighs about 17 pounds. He found himself at animal control because he doesn't like being a toy for kiddos or having his food and toys taken away by other dogs. He has settled into his foster home, but would love a home where he is any only dog, and no kids please. His foster mom says, "As his name suggests, Happy is a very joyous dog 95% of the time. He loves people, toys, going for walks and belly rubs. Happy can be very grumpy around other dogs and if you touch him while he’s eating. Due to his grumpy times, he MUST be an only pet and shouldn’t be around small children. Older dog savvy kids (teenagers and up) would be ok. 
Happy walks well on leash and enjoys sniffing the neighborhood. He is housetrained on a schedule of going out every 3-4 hours. He barks occasionally but tends to calm down quickly. He barks mostly when you leave or if he hears a party outside that he’s not invited to, so no apartments with shared walls please. Happy likes relaxing on the couch and just wants to sit with you and get massaged. He would like to sleep in human bed, but since he doesn’t get along with my dog, he sleeps in a dog bed in a separate room." Happy is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned. He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $300.

Itty Bitty and Lil Bit, ADOPTED!
Meet Itty Bitty and Lil Bit! These boys are a bonded pair of Yorkies and MUST be adopted together. We will not split them up, please don't even ask. Lil Bit is 9 years old and weighs about 8 pounds, while Itty Bitty is 7 years old and weighs about 9 pounds. The boys arrived in rescue when their family could no longer care for them. They have settled into their foster home nicely, but are ready to find a forever home to call their own. Their foster mom says, "These two are the snuggliest, most fun and lively pair of Yorkie boys EVER! They are very affectionate, quiet (NOT yappy!) and well behaved, no chewing or other bad habits. The benefits of an older, settled dog! They love to walk, around the block or for a mile, they are good to go! They also love to run around and would enjoy an enclosed yard to hang out in with you. They both walk well on a leash, and are housetrained on a schedule. They will sometimes play with toys for a short while but love to just settle and snuggle next to their people. They sleep all night, curled up into tiny circles at the end of the bed. They don’t really like water, but tolerate being bathed and dry off quickly. They get a little nervous at the beginning of car rides, but soon settle down and look out of the window. 
They both have their own distinct sweet little personalities. Itty Bit - is the larger and bolder of the two. He is a total lap dog, but not overly fussy. He is fine with being picked up. He is a delicate eater and not greedy. Lil Bit - he is a little more timid, but will smother you in kisses if you pick him up! He is very friendly and loves people. He likes to curl up next to you on sofa or chair. Loves his food, but has a slightly sensitive stomach.
They both love long walks and are very sprightly. We have not seen a lot of interaction with other dogs, cats or small children, but in general they are both affectionate and good natured and would likely do well with older children. They are the absolute definition of VERY GOOD BOYS! A cute and adorable pair!" Lil Bit and Itty Bitty are neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and have had their teeth cleaned.  They are fostered in the Orlando area, and their combined adoption donation is $525.

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