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Howard, a Shih Tzu

Meet Howard! Howard is an 8-9 year old male Shih Tzu and he weighs about 14 pounds. He arrived in rescue after winding up at animal control as a stray with a "jaw injury" noted on his medical report. Upon arriving at our vet, we learned that the injury was old and had left his jaw too unstable to even intubate him for surgery , so our options were to see if the jaw could heal enough for intubation later or to let him go. Obviously, we chose giving him a chance! Under the careful watch of his foster mom and our vets, Howard's jaw healed enough to have his neuter surgery and remove a very rotted tooth. After consultation, there is truly not enough jaw to try and plate and pin it and he has healed enough to be able to eat without issue, and he is not in pain. He is a happy sweet guy and will require a loving home that will understand and assist him with his mild physical limitations. His foster mom says, "After what Howard has been through, I’m amazed that he is about as sweet and happy as they come. His needs are walks, belly rubs, treats and a human or two who can dote on him. On walks, which he loves, he does need to sniff and mark everything outside, so expect a long walk with lots of stops. The good thing is, he has never marked inside. He is housetrained. When on walks if he sees a lizard or another dog, hold on to that leash tight! If you start petting him, he will roll on his back for that belly rub. He does whine & bark sometimes if you close a door (which will be scratched at) between you and him.


He loves his human and wants to be with you and even under your feet at all times. Being alone all day would not suit this little man. He is afraid of thunder, so when I’m home I hold him close or sometimes he will go into a crate. When you wake up or come home, he will jump on you and is so very happy ! He does have a senior foster fur brother, and they coexist fine unless his fur brother gets to close to his face. We recently had another 4 legged foster for a few days and he fell in love with her and gently laid next to her the whole night. He would be fine as an only dog or with a gentle, older pup. If he is an only dog, a human must be home more than gone. Children would not be a good fit for him, unless they were older teenagers. He is the perfect combination of cuddly and independent (as long as he can see you). When he’s had enough cuddles, he finds a soft fluffy bed to lay on. He does become obsessed at times, nothing in a negative way. I only allow him a soft toy every so often, so as not to cause any more damage to his jaw. Once I put it away, he will look for it for a very long time. Same with a dog walking outside, he will search for that dog the rest of our walk. He is a great eater, soft food and treats only. This boy has stolen my heart, he deserves a happily ever after, could that be with you?" Howard is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative and microchipped! He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $225.


Luna, a Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix
Luna is a 12 week old female Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix puppy and she weighs just about 3.5 pounds. She should stay under 15 pounds full grown, but we can't promise that! What we can promise is that this week girl is ready for a forever family to call her own. Luna arrived in rescue with her mom, dad and brother after her family had abandoned them. A neighbor took them in and made sure they were well cared for from the time Luna and her brother were newborns. Luna is a typical puppy in that she has lots of energy, will cry when left all alone (or at night the first week or so alone), isn't housetrained (but she is learning) and is learning rules and basic life skills - like walking on a leash and what is OK to chew on and what isn't.    
She would do best in a family that is home more than not, since she can not "hold it" an entire workday.Her foster mom says, "Luna is a cuddle bug!  She is such a tiny thing... just as cute and sweet as she can be!! When she is done expelling her energy playing with her fur siblings, her favorite place to rest is curled up with her people.  She loves to be outside with us on the lanai.  She is not housetrained yet so she will need someone patient to keep working with her.  Luna loves to get and give kisses!  She gets along with and plays well with other dogs, except she does annoy the seniors, so younger fur siblings only.  Due to her size, I think a home with older children, no small ones please, would be best as she is always following her people and under foot." Luna is spayed, up to date on vaccines, on flea and heartworm prevention and microchipped! She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $350.

Tasha, a Yorkie
Meet Tasha!  Tasha is a 5-7 year old female Yorkie and she weighs about 6 pounds. Tasha arrived in rescue after being dumped off by a breeder with a bad urinary tract infection, which was soon determined to be bladder stones. She had them removed and immediately started feeling better! She has finished up all of her antibiotics and is doing great. She will need to remain on a special diet, but that'sabout it! She has settled into foster care well and is certainly enjoying being comfortable!  Her foster mom says, "Tasha is a bit shy and timid.  She rarely begs to be picked up but if you do she will lay next to you on the couch forever.  
She loves to sit outside on the patio couch with company.  She's very quiet!  Since her bladder stones have been cleared up she's working on being housetrained but is not 100% there yet. She will need some patience and training to get there.  She doesn't play with toys much but she has a master's degree in gecko tracking and trapping!  Tasha loves her humans but is good on her own.  She is good with other mellow small low key dogs.  She's not a fan of large or hyper dogs.  She will sleep in a crate, in a dog bed on the floor or curled up next to you in bed.  She's just beautiful...sweet as can be and needs someone to love her furever!" Tasha is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned! She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $275.

Sofey, a Poodle/Yorkie mix
Sofey is a 9 pound, one year old, female Poodle/Yorkie mix.  Her foster mom says, "Oh, Sweet Sofey! Sofey is a young Poodle/Yorkie mix with very distinctive chocolate and champagne coloring and prick ears. She is on the low shedding end of the spectrum, but not fully hypo allergenic. She came to rescue when her young family could not care for her, so the grandmother stepped in to make sure she found a great home. This sweet little dog has led a somewhat a sheltered life so is a bit cautious of strangers and can be skittish in unfamiliar surroundings.  After about four shy days in foster, her darling personality began to shine and she is a love and a joy. Her adopter should expect to help her through a similar adjustment period without too much pressure.  After that you will find that she is the happy, affectionate girl of your dreams.  Sofey ticks most of the boxes of what you might want in a loving, but also calm, regal and contemplative dog.  She has lived in a condo setting and is very well housetrained to leash outings on a schedule of every 5 or so hours and sleeps quietly overnight.  For longer periods of time, she will use a potty pad if available.  She walks well on a leash but still needs to learn some leash boundaries regarding frolicking.  She likes squeaky toys and natural chew offerings.  
Sofey is still learning about the fenced yard and is not yet convinced it is a proper place for “business” so her new owner will need to walk her while she is learning any new options.  She is wary of other dogs at first but warms up to the nice ones and is happy to play or just get along.  She has been good with the cat and in her former world she was buddies with a seven year old girl.  She is pretty quiet overall and I have only heard her bark a few times when her housemates here start a ruckus.  By the way, she has her own ideas about décor and came with furniture and fine china!  She is quite fond of her saucer chair for sleeping, relaxing, and a little chewing so her new home should have the heart to accommodate this and the budget to replace the cover occasionally.  She would love someone in the house most of the time, but might be ok for a shortish workday, particularly if you can come home for a lunch break for her.  Sofey really wants to love you and have a home to call her own.  Maybe it's yours?" Sofey is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heart worm negative and microchipped! She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $325.

Gizmo, a Shih Tzu
Gizmo is a 10-11 year old male Shih Tzu  and he weighs about 13 pounds. Gizmo arrived in foster care after being left behind at animal control when his family no longer wanted him.  He was understandably very sad and was very happy to find his way to foster care. He has settled into his foster home well and his foster mom says, "Gizmo is truly adorable! He has a very sweet and patient nature, and an engaging personality.  He is very friendly and very good with older children. His housetraining is impeccable and he walks well on a leash.   
It took some time for him to warm up, due to apparent neglect in his past, but he is becoming more affectionate.  He enjoys long walks, with frequent stops to smell the roses.  He is much more charming in person than is shown in pictures.  He has a naughty habit of stealing food from the other dogs if they let their attention stray from the bowl.  He would be the perfect companion for someone who just wants to relax and chill out." Gizmo is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned! He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $175.

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