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Petals, Adopted!
Meet Petals! Petals is a 2-3 year old female Shih Tzu mix and she weighs about 8 pounds. Petals arrived in foster care after arriving at animal control very matted and unkempt. She was scared, but has been cleaned up and is settling into her foster home. Her foster mom says, "Miss Petals is a sweet, loving and spunky little girl. She is also a great cuddle buddy. She is doing great on her housetraining! She does walk on a leash, but still needs a little work with it.  She will walk where she wants to go when she wants to go and she will plant her paws in the ground when she decides she wants to stop moving, but with a little coaxing, she’ll continue her walk. We are working on this. She has the cutest bark and howl, which is frequent and for various reasons, so no shared walls for this cutie. Sometimes I think there must be a baby wolf in my house the way she howls. Although she barks at people on our walks, it is only to say "Hi" and give a sniff. She is young, bouncy and has some energy, but once she gets her energy out, she loves to cuddle with you or on you. 
Although she is fine with my senior pup, he is not fine with her bouts of bounciness. We haven’t met many dogs on our walk, but the ones we have, after the barking-she is cautiously indifferent, she seems nervous. She would be fine as an only dog (human home) or a non hyper, non dominant dog for this little one. She does love her people though, it would be best if someone wasn’t gone a very long workday. She has slept in the human bed, and once she settles down, she is good for the night. If you are looking for a bouncy, sweet, quirky little girl, maybe she’s the one for you." Petals is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned! She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $300.

Kiki, Adoption Pending
Kiki is an 11 month old, female, lovely, fox red Pomeranian with a classic powder puff coat and she weighs about 7 pounds. She came to rescue at 7 months old with a broken leg when her previous owner decided EUTHANIZING her would be a more convenient choice than dealing with surgery and a tedious convalescence.  Fortunately the vet said heck no to that, so this darling girl came to us.  She has been a great sport over nearly three long months of surgery with pins and a plate to repair the leg. She's had enforced crate confinement to protect her during the healing process and now a slow increase in movement, with shorter walks and playtime. I am sure she wondered what the heck was going on, but she remained her happy, nice and very energetic puppy self throughout.  Her foster mom says, "Kiki is ready to resume her life as an adorable and adored member of a family as she completes the final and manageable stage of her recovery and moves back into the mainstream.  Her leg is healed but should still be considered somewhat fragile.  Full robustness may take a few more months.  At this point she is able to walk on a harness and leash for prescribed distances, have some supervised freedom in a safe smallish room, and enjoy some fresh air in a small outdoor space (an Xpen in my yard).  Her new owner will need to enforce this.  So, are you sure you want the diva/Kim Kardashian of dogs with all the envy and attention great beauty brings?  Get ready to have your life taken over by Kiki!  She is happy, loving, active, energetic, mischievous, funny, bossy, entitled, way too smart and so darn cute!  This little girl loves people and is dog and also cat social - to the dismay of the cat.  She loves treats, squeaky toys, balls, playing in the water bowl and pulling her older sedate Pommie friend backwards by the tail.  She likes spending time outside in her enclosure and will collect mulch, attempt some digging, and monitor (soon no doubt chase) invading lizards and squirrels.  
She has a calm, sweet princess side and naps or sleeps peacefully on your lap or somewhere nearby, rides in a purse/carrier, follows you around, bestows kisses upon the deserving, and is totally affectionate.  Kiki is a luxuriously coated Pom and will need regular professional grooming along with frequent comb outs at home.  Please do not apply unless you want to spend time with, resources on, and have a highly interactive relationship with your dog.  Kiki must have a special and careful home with someone who is there more often than not, wants to give her the attention required and will enjoy providing a proper environment for her.  Her broken leg seems to have been accidental, probably from her leaping off of something high, so her new owner must protect her from this and see that her surroundings don’t pose any danger.  She is too energetic and daring for her own good when left to her own devices or when bored, so she needs safe ways to expend some physical and mental energy with you through walks, outings, supervised play or maybe a job as a visiting celebrity.  Kiki can be barky when confined or alone, so no shared walls are best.  She is not housetrained at the moment, impossible while on crate rest, but she is learning and does not like soiling her crate.  She will bark to get out of it to use a nearby pee pad and she will take advantage of outdoor opportunities. I think she was perhaps housetrained before her injury and will soon get the hang of it again.  Kiki would love a dog friend her own size, but any interactions must be carefully monitored for some time to come.  Absolutely no small children in the home or frequently visiting, and no larger dogs, no exceptions, no matter how nice.  She is too small for either to be safe for her and her bionic leg.  Thank you for understanding.  Fostering this girl has been be a privilege.  If you think Kiki is just what your life needs, she is here waiting, rather impatiently, for her new people!" Kiki is spayed, heartworm negative, up to date on her vaccines, and microchipped.  She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $400.

Winston, a Yorkie/Poodle mix

Meet Winston! Winston is a three year old, male, 17 pound Yorkie/Poodle mix. Winston arrived in rescue after being adopted from a local shelter, only for the family to decide having a dog, a toddler and a new baby was too much for them.  He has settled into foster care nicely and his foster mom says, "Winston is a Terrier mix that looks like a Yorkie but is larger, curlier and has long silky ears like a Poodle. He is a cute and nice dog with some great traits but has had some uncertain times and is working through some anxiety issues. The family that originally adopted him from the shelter found that he needed more time and attention than their work schedules and a newborn human baby allowed, so he came to us to find a placement that would be a better fit for him.  He is affectionate, adorable, nice to humans and social with other dogs. He loves lap time (understatement) and sleeps through the night on our bed, sharing the space with another dog or two.  He walks nicely on a harness and leash and is housetrained in a manageable space and on a 4 hour schedule.  Winston knows the basic commands (sit/down).  He is accustomed to a crate, settles quickly there and is quite good about being crated for reasonable periods of time.  Being crated overnight increases his anxiety level overall.  His main issue is that when he is anxious or unexercised he is can be vocal and unsettled.  

He is not yappy overall but will vocalize when stressed.  Long periods alone upset him (separation anxiety) as do scary or strange noises.  Certain random events (like flocks of birds overhead) cause him to be a little OCD until redirected and he is frightened when challenged by another dog and is a big crybaby.  He is and may always be a bit clingy in the affection department. We are trying to give him balanced attention options other than cuddles in these situations and have found that he will settle through interactive play/training, a calm leash walk or encouraged zoomie time in a fenced yard so his adopter should be willing to continue this strategy.  Winston wants to sleep in your bed when you are there or sit in your lap if you’re sitting, babies or other dogs already there notwithstanding. Happily, he is willing to share the space!  He is a sweet, kind and loving dog and really, really wants to please and be with you. With what we know about Winston, we suggest that an adopter match should appreciate a “velcro” dog and have a fenced yard and a little tolerance for some barking.  There should be no shared walls or small children and his family should be around more often than not.  Another youngish, mild mannered dog is a requirement, as he did not thrive as an only dog.  If you want a forever friend and have the time and desire to offer some security to this good guy, Winston would love to meet you.!" Winston is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned! He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $300.

Brayleigh, a Shih Tzu mix
Brayleigh is a 5 year old female Shih Tzu mix and she weighs just about 9 pounds. Brayleigh arrived in rescue when her family moved without her. She has settled into foster care nicely and is ready to find a forever family of her own! Her foster mom says, "Brayleigh is a people person pup!  She loves her humans and she wants to be with you always.  She loves to be held and petted!  She has the most unique adorable face you just can't stop looking at her.  She is housetrained, on our schedule. Due to some previous lack of dental care, she doesn't have too many teeth left but that doesn't stop her from loving her meals, it just means a little more prep time for her humans. 
She's not really a fan of toys but she does get a little frisky and wants to play with her people once in awhile. She has not been around kids or cats so I cannot attest to how she will be with them, but older dog savvy kids should be fine.  She is good with other dogs but she can get barky/snappy at them if they get too close while she's getting attention from her people.  She doesn't like to share her cuddle time.  If you're looking for a loving, affectionate, people pleaser pup Brayleigh might just be your girl!" Brayleigh is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned. She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $300.

Juniper, a Pomeranian mix
Meet Juniper!  Juniper is a 8-10 year old female Pomeranian mix and she weighs about 10 pounds. This sweet little girl came to rescue after being brought to a shelter by a landlord who discovered a pair of Pom mixes abandoned after the tenants had vacated.  The shelter sought a rescue placement when the dogs were found to be heartworm positive.   Juniper was in overall good health, aside from her heartworms and a heart murmur from the heartworms. Her heartworm treatment went great.  She is now healthy, happy and ready for her new and adoring family! Her foster mom says, "Juniper is a born lap dog!a  She’s great at it, she knows it, and she insists upon it.  She would be happy if her dainty feet only occasionally touched the floor and never touched the wet grass.  She likes playtime, cuddle time and naptime.  
She will love you immensely, give you kisses, ride in a purse, follow you everywhere and take every opportunity to be in your lap, at your feet or near you on the couch. She is the type that wants to be near you, but not necessarily all over you.   She will sleep in your room and her preferred place is at the foot of your bed or perhaps in a nearby bed of her own.   She is dog social and likes other small, calm dogs but fusses indignantly at any bouncy dogs who get too close. A small dog companion would be great but is not a requirement.  She ignores the cat.  She eats dry dog food but begs for human sweets and dances excitedly when you have a bowl of cereal or ice cream, so good luck denying her that.  Though we are trying, she is not yet housetrained but she will avail herself of outdoor yard or leash opportunities and she likes short leash walks. She is happy to use an offered potty pad when in a small room or enclosure.  She will be crated quietly only if no humans are in the house.  Otherwise you will get an earful until she is back where she belongs – with you.  She is happy all the time, likes everyone, and her plumy tail is always wagging.  At her small size, young children are not recommended.  If you are mostly at home or where she can go with, Juniper would be very happy….and you will be too!" Juniper is spayed, up to date on vaccines, on flea and heartworm prevention, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned. She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $275.

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